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As a 20 year resident of Suisun City, my love for our community runs deep. I am committed to working on the issues that concern our residents and using my experience to bring forth innovative ideas and long-term solutions. With your support, we will move Suisun City forward.

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I am very excited to announce the launch of my campaign for Suisun City Council 2020. I grew up in Suisun City and love the diverse community that makes this city so unique. I have been an active community member since I was a youth and have experience in leading various community organizations to support initiatives that help improve the quality of life for others. I know what it means to work with limited resources, think through long-term strategies, and collaborate with others to bring forth the best solutions.


I moved to Suisun City when I was seven years old. My father, a carpenter, helped build some of the homes in our community. Some of my extended family members helped to construct the main hotel located in Downtown Suisun. An aunt of mine successfully ran a restaurant in the Suisun Marina shopping center for several years. This city is where I see my nieces and nephews play in the park and attend school. This is the city that I hope to one day raise a family of my own. That is why this city, this community, the people that make this city their home, and the issues that require diligent work to improve our quality of life mean so much to me.

As a Suisun City Councilmember my job and focus will be to improve quality of life, public safety, community engagement, and local economic development. In this COVID-19 global pandemic, the effects are felt locally. It is imperative that resources, information, and a strategic plan take into consideration the evolving changes that our community faces and will continue to face. I am currently working to support our small businesses, save local jobs, share information and resources in multiple languages, and participate in city committees designed to improve our environment and advise our city council on the economic effects due to this pandemic. 


I invite you to join me in helping make a greater difference for our city. I would be honored to have you help me accomplish these goals through your contribution, by following and sharing my social media pages, and by letting me know what is important to you regarding Suisun City at or at (707) 681-5924. I am here, I am listening, and I am working to help move Suisun City forward.

Putting My Experience to Work

Active Leadership:

During the span of the last several years I have been actively participating and supporting our community. I have listened to concerns, attended forums, participated in city council meetings, advocated for services, and represented the voices of community members who don't always feel heard. I am here for you and have made your needs my priority. My focus for Suisun City includes:

  • Local Economic Development                     

  • Public Safety

  • Community Engagement

  • Quality of Life

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Currently Serving:

For 15 years I have served our community-at-large to support small business, education, advocacy, and local economic development. Below is a list of the organizations and roles I currently serve in at this time.

Suisun City Economic Pandemic Impact Citizens (EPIC) Advisory Committee, Member

Suisun City Environment and Climate Committee, Member

Solano Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Board President

Solano County Library Foundation, Board Member

Solano Small Business Advisory Council, Member

Solano Community College PUENTE, Mentor

Solano Diverse Educator Network, Member

Latinas de Solano County Founding Member, Executive Director


Together we can continue to move Suisun City forward.

Your support and contributions truly make a difference.

Thank you.


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